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OUT OF STOCK Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad? - Signed and Personalised

In this poignant and honest memoir, Jude defiantly uses his voice to break down the misconceptions and societal beliefs surrounding autism, bringing hope to all who live with autism as well as those who care for someone on the spectrum. Jude views his autism as a gift to be shared, not a burden to be pitied, and as he demonstrates through his candid recollections and observations, autistic people's lives can be every bit as happy and fulfilling as those who don't have autism.


"A powerful book for any parent/father trying to understand their child's struggles living with ASD. The book sends an inspiring message that loving your child conquers challenges, and that parenting is about the journey in discovering each other!"--Maisie Soetantyo, MEd, RDI(R) Program Certified Consultant, Clinic Director, and co-founder of the CATCH clinic

"In his remarkable first book, Jude Morrow takes us on a unique journey through the trials and triumphs of being both autistic and a single parent. I applaud this book and recommend it to everyone. A stunning and original contribution to the broadening field of autism studies."--Ian Hale, PhD, author, speaker, and autism expert

"Jude Morrow's eye-opening personal story of being a parent with autism is inspiring. It sheds light on the unique challenges experienced by a father on the spectrum, and explores what happens when a kid with autism grows up!"--Harold Hackie Reitman, MD founder of DifferentBrains.org