New Facebook Author Page Live/Exciting Announcements

My new author page is live! I tried to merge by book page into a more general author page but found myself unable to do so. So "Jude Morrow Author" on Facebook is going to be my new haunt for publishing my rants....sorry thoughts, for everyone to see. I will also be making the official announcement for the second book, should I ever finish it, on this page. People can reach out to me for speaking events and discuss all things Autism with me there from now.

Its been a whirlwind few weeks! I have secured my very first TV Appearance on The Autism Channel USA. I will be interviewed via Skype and it should be broadcast on their channel in the coming weeks, It was very difficult for me to get my head around that one. So I have been meticulously preparing for this amidst other things!

I also have several agent consultations coming up in relation to more speaking events, rights acquisition and the second book itself. I have the preface and first chapter completed so I will be jotting notes and writing over the coming months. I want to have the whole thing finished for a February/March release although I cant guarantee that I wont run out of talent. It could be later in 2020.

I am facilitating some evening workshops with teachers regarding Autism in local schools and training colleges. So I am looking forward to that. One thing I have found is that Autism related training isn't covered on the syllabus of teacher training colleges.

On Friday, I broke my left wrist and have found myself unable to take notes in my notepad. I stare at it and yearn for it, I am writing this blog using the dictate function on my new laptop. I am sure those who like change would appreciate it but I cant. If I were given the keys to the world I would probably still have Marconi Wireless machines and the Pony Express.

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