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Many parents try to "understand" their autistic children. I know, because my parents tried to do the same with me. Attempting to understand, is a futile task. Where you need to be, is on the road to acceptance and understanding so your autistic child can bloom! When you ditch negative biases toward autism, accept and nurture your autistic child's talents - wonderful things will happen, like they did for me. Jude Morrow


Jude Morrow is an autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker from Derry, Northern Ireland. Jude travels the world to showcase through his talks that autistic children can grow up to live happy and successful lives. Jude's books are published by Beyond Words, publisher of The Secret. Jude is the founder of Neurodiversity Training International, the world's premier autistic-led training and consultancy firm to global non-profits and Fortune 500 companies . Jude is also a 2 time TedX speaker and nurtures parents, teachers and professionals to develop a kinder mindset toward autistic people young and old.


Talk Topics

Become A Hero For Your

Autistic Children

 Jude guides parents to ditch negative attitudes toward autistic people. Jude gives his perspective from the autistic point of view and highlights that many sources propagating negativity are what forms negative biases. Parents walk away from this talk with a fool-proof mindset change so that their autistic children can grow and flourish being confident in who they are.

Become A Hero Teacher For Autistic

Children In Your Classroom

Jude provides teachers with a fail-safe strategy to improve the learning experience of autistic children in every classroom. This is the ultimate keynote that empowers teachers to form better, deeper and more meaningful relationships with the autistic children in their classrooms. Jude went through the school system as an autistic child and shares what his own hero teachers did to carve out the success he enjoys today. This is the powerful autistic perspective that every educator around the globe needs to hear!